Excused Absence Request

Please fill out the form below if you or your member of the Cardinal Brigade will be missing all or any part of a rehearsal, football game, etc that occurs outside of the school day. If the absence is recurring (ex: every Monday from 5-6) you only need to fill out the form once. If not, please fill out one form per absence. Only absences for specific and unavoidable conflicts will be excused. 

Please read below for our student performer expectations.

Student Performer Attendance Expectations

Please understand that while the rules below are in place to ensure fairness and respect for the students and staff, we understand life happens and things come up. It is our intention to follow these rules while also providing leniency and understanding on a case-by-case basis. These rules provide a framework for students to follow.

  1. For any absence, one-time or recurring, students must submit details via the “Excused Absence Request” google form on the website and also in google classroom one week prior to the absence. If the student is submitting the form less than one week before the absence will occur, they must talk to the director first before submitting the form.

  2. You must submit one form per absence. (Unless it is a recurring absence)

  3. Students can either be granted an excused or unexcused absence by the director.

    1. Excused absences can include: family emergency or family-related event, illness

    2. Unexcused absences can include: vacation, non-emergency doctor’s appointment, homework, work schedule, or can be given due to late submission or failure to submit excused absence request form

  4. Absences from all or parts of rehearsals/events must only be communicated via the Excused Absence Request form or via email if it is a last minute unexpected absence. Communication of tardies, early pickups, absences, etc through Remind, text, phone call, or by speaking to the director is prohibited and will not be considered for an excused absence. You must notify the director via form and then notify your coach, if applicable. Any absence for a part of or a whole rehearsal must be written in writing submitted through the excused absence form at least one (1) week prior to the conflict, or via email from the parent/guardian for last minute health or family emergencies.

  5. Excused absences do not have any effect on the student’s class grade while unexcused absences do. (See syllabus)

  6. Every two (2) tardies equals one (1) unexcused absence. Being tardy means the student is not ready and prepared to participate in the day’s activities, even if they may be on campus on time. The rehearsal times indicate when rehearsal begins, NOT when students need to be here by. Students may need to be dropped off earlier if tardies become frequent. 

  7. Each student is allowed one (1) excused absence for the season. If a student gets up to 3 absences, partial or not, excused or not, the student and their parent/guardian will receive an email from the director and have a conversation about their involvement in the Cardinal Brigade. (This does not apply to those with recurring absences who have talked with the director.)

  8. This form must be submitted even for a partial absence, such as a late arrival or early departure from an event/rehearsal.

  9. By submitting the excused absence form, it is not guaranteed that the absence will be excused.

  10. Notice of the status of the absence (whether it was excused or unexcused) will be communicated to the student within the next 48 hour business day of submitting the google form.

  11. Missing Rehearsal Due to Illness

    1. If a student is going to miss rehearsal because they are ill:

      1. Please send an email to the Band Director, Ms. Boone, at emma.boone@wuhsd.org

      2. Communicate this as soon as it is anticipated that the student will need to miss rehearsal.

      3. The absence must be communicated by the parent/guardian of the student. Texts/Remind messages from students or parents/guardians are not acceptable. 

      4. Students should also communicate this absence with their section captain and coach.

  12. Missing Rehearsal Due to Family Emergency

    1. Reasonable effort should be made to contact the director via email in cases of family emergency before the rehearsal and as soon as it is reasonable to do so.

  13. Attendance at Football Games and Competitions

    1. Attendance at these events is expected for the entire 2021 season as a member of the Cardinal Brigade.

    2. If you have a circumstance that requires immediate pickup from a football game or competition, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

    3. Attendance at performance events is mandatory and absence of one can result in reason for dismissal from the ensemble. 

  14. Appointments and routine non-emergency professional visits

    1. These types of appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) should not be scheduled at the same time as a rehearsal or performance and are considered an unexcused absence.