Welcome to the Boosters!

The Boosters are a group of parents guardians, siblings, cousins, friends, etc. of members of the band designed to support the Cardinal Brigade and its endeavors. There are many ways to become involved and be a part of our booster organization. Some of the things we do are: providing meals for band camp and competitions, chaperoning football games and competitions, help the band get onto and off the field for performances, and fundraise to help pay for the costs of the program! We would LOVE for you to get involved!

We Need Your Help!

It truly takes a village to put together all of the elements of a successful marching season, and we cannot do it without volunteering and help. We understand and do not expect anyone to fully commit to doing everything for our program, and ask that you simply help out in whatever way you are able. That can be volunteering to help at events, donating food, or helping pay for various expenses. We welcome and appreciate any help no matter the amount. We are happy and thankful for the generous support of our Brigade families and friends. 

If you are looking for ways to help or get involved, please consider donating food or giving your time to help serve food or volunteer at events. Thank you!

Help donate food for band camp meals:
Volunteer to help serve food at band camp:
Volunteer to help at our football games:
Volunteer to help at our competitions:

Meet Our Executive Board!

Rose Stolo


Ed Navarro



Marcie Contreras


Guillermina Navarro


Vanessa Apodaca

Color Guard

Kim Brown



What is FairShare?

“FairShare” is a suggested donation per student to help pay for the expense of participating in the required trips, performances, and competitions and the required materials needed for the season. FairShare is TBD this year for each student, and TBD for each additional student in the program.

Fundraising for the general Band Boosters is very important as well. There are always
unexpected costs during the year and the Boosters must make up the difference
between the Fair Share amount received and the actual expenses. In addition, the Boosters have goals to maintain the facilities of the Band and purchase new items for the band.

All money is managed by the Boosters which is an IRS recognized non-profit
501(c)(3) organization. We conduct all business and fundraisers under those regulations.